Toms River Student Loan Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much can I borrow?

Answer: You may borrow $2500 per year for undergraduate and graduate studies.

2) What is the loan rate?

Answer: 6%

3) When do I have to start repayment?

Answer: Repayment starts 3 months after you graduate.

4) How often can I apply for a loan?

Answer: The TRSLF permits students to take out 1 loan per year.

5) Are there any deadlines for turning in applications?

Answer: Each school year will have an application window where loan applications are accepted.

6) What do I need to turn in with my application?

Answer: The application must be completed, signed by all the necessary parties and an unofficial transcript that has your current GPA on it.

7) How long does it take to process my loan?

Answer: Loans will be processed as they are received. The loan application is reviewed at our monthly meetings and once approved it gets sent to our accounting office.

8) Who handles the loan details and payments?

Answer: The accounting office for the TRSLF is Totaro, Totaro, and Siegel, they are located at 1108 Hooper Avenue Ste. 3 , Toms River, the phone number is 732-341-1773.